Anthem President Honored With 2018 National Sports Forum OM Foundation Award


Congratulations are in order for Anthem President, Chris Sinclair, who has been recently selected as the recipient of the 2018 National Sports Forum OM Foundation Award. Sinclair was honored at an award ceremony on February 12th, 2018 at the NSF in Frisco, Texas.

This honor recognizes and celebrates Sinclair’s achievement in the sport and entertainment industry, in addition to his ability to use Anthem as a platform to go above and beyond to better the community and positively impact the lives of others. Since its founding, Anthem has supported a multitude of organizations, individuals, and companies through a variety of events and programs, including the International Music Festival (IMF) and the ABCD Hoop Dreams Fundraiser hosted by Doc Rivers and Brad Stevens.

Sinclair states that “Anthem is fortunate to continue to be honored by so many prominent organizations and institutions. However, to be recognized by such an important and influential group within the sports and entertainment industry is significant. The National Sports Forum has a special place in our history as I first attended as a grad student at OU.

Even more humbling is the award’s partnership with the OM Foundation. To be even considered having close to the same caliber of impact as OM founder Bonner Paddock, the previous award recipients, and those that work at the OM Foundation is simply tremendous.”

Sinclair is among the youngest winners of the National Sports Forum OM Foundation Award.

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